Please Allow Me To Explain Myself

Styx’s “Lady.” There is a reason this is stuck in my head and I feel I should explain myself. My wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen, and I purchased the “Freaks and Geeks” complete series DVDs last weekend and have been making our way through them at a furious pace. (“Freaks and Geeks” was genius. The creators’ follow up series “Undeclared” was also genius, and also cancelled after one season. To disagree with the genius is fascist.)

During the superbly uncomfortable scene where Nick declares his love for Lindsey, Nick uses “Lady” (on eight track) as the vehicle for his declaration. The scene is brilliantly written and acted out. It is perfectly typical of a high school boy trying to express emotion to a girl causing both parties (and those watching at home) to become more and more embarrassed and uncomfortable. Thus, “Lady” is stuck in my head.

I am not completely knocking Styx. They do have a place in musical history. Everybody has a band that they know in their head is super lame, but their heart can’t stop from rockin’ out when a tune comes on. For many Styx fills this role. For me, it is The Electric Light Orchestra.

I heard on the radio that Styx is currently fighting. Dennis DeYoung, the author of most of the fruitier hits, is not currently with the rest of the band who is touring under the name “Styx.” It seems DeYoung felt he should have complete control of the band since he wrote and sang most of the songs. The tour seems to be going well.

Is it just me or is the idea of Styx fighting hilarious? These guys are all financially set for life (thanks to “Mr. Roboto”). They have not released a successful studio album since 1983. Despite this, people are still willing to pay money to see them live. Their popularity was revitalized mostly thanks to Cartman singing “Come Sail Away” (much like Wayne Campbell cause a Queen resurgence). Decades have passed. There is a whole generation of people who are of drinking-age who probably do not know they exist. Yet they still squabble about how to play “Mr. Roboto.” I’ve changed my mind. That is not hilarious. That is super sad.

So anyway, “Lady” is still stuck in my head.

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