Plastics and Styrofoam

REI sponsored a beach clean up today. I helped out with the Bolsa Chica detail. For the most part it was tons of plastic and a lot of styrofoam. Most of what I found were broken bits and pieces. The early bird gets all the sexy trash (the giant things and impressive trash). I saw one guy find two sleeping bags. I later saw a homeless dude walking around the wetlands trying to figure out why scores of neo-hippies were invading his home. I’m guessing he’s going to need to find a new sleeping bag (or two).

Of all the garbage I found, my two favorite things were:

  1. Puffy Seahorse Sticker (sadly, it had lost it’s stickiness and the sun had faded all colors but blue, but it still made me laugh)
  2. Garfield The Movie sunglasses (one arm missing)

But for the love of Jack Lord, World – ease off the plastic and styrofoam.

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