One California Day

one-california-dayOne California Day comes from the dudes who gave us Singlefin: yellow. One California Day is a look at different bits of Californian coast, “capturing the California surfing experience through the surfers who live it.”

One thing that makes this film great is that it explores time, personalities, locales and history in the context of California separate from surfing.  (Don’t worry, they talk plenty about surfing too!) It’s a really good look into what makes California “California.”

I’m most impressed by all the blue water in the film.  I surf California all the time too, and mostly the skies are gray and the water is sandy.  Maybe they called Industrial Light and Magic for that bit of movie magic.

OCD is also surprising long for a surf film, coming in at over 90 minutes.  Better still if you get the DVD, it comes with a whole second DVD filled with tons of good unused footage.  This film also has a nice mix of vintage surfing footage mixed in with contemporary footage. The soundtrack has some decent tunes to groove too.

Overall, it’s good stuff.  I’m sure I’ll watch it many more times, but it seems to lack something to put it into the upper echelon.  I’m not sure what that is though. Still worth a purchase.

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