Old Men in Training

Cookie and I have had an ongoing, online chess battle for months now. More often than not, he is the superior player. Last weekend, he happened to be in town, so we thought it would be super fun to actually play chess face-to-face. This way we could mad dog and taunt each other in real-time. When we play online, the taunts usually consist of pictures and videos designed to disturb the other player into making a bad move. We ended up playing two games; each of us being the victor once.

But look at us. Aside from aging a few more decades, we are a couple of old fogies letting a Sunday pass us by. Cookie said the transformation will be complete when we each wield a fly-swatter. The best part was thanks to the cigars I was able to say “MYAH!” and “SHEE?” a lot and when things went well for me I got to say, “I love it when a plan comes together,” which is difficult to pull off without a cigar. All praise to Edward G., Mr. Pepard and whomever invented chess. It was a superb Sunday.

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