New Orders of Business

The madness may be at an apex right now. Here’s the skinny.

  1. First off, I changed the way the comment cookie is working, so you will need to re-enter your name next time you comment. (You’ll see a number in the name field.)
  2. Next, I 86ed the email and homepage fields in the comments because that just seemed excessive.
  3. You’ll notice that comments will post a bit differently. I’ve been trying to learn Ajax and now I’m putting into practice. Slick, no?
  4. I’m also trying to keep track of when you visit. So when you come back and there are new posts that you haven’t read yet, they be marked with a New Post. (Although it will mark EVERYTHING as new the first time, but should start working every time after.)
  5. Likewise, if someone has added a new comment to a post since the last time you’ve visited the post will be marked with a New Comment.

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