Miranda Kopfschmertzen: Überbabe

This is my favorite picture of my wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen. I came across it once while visiting her aunt’s house on my first trip to Oklahoma. I professed my love for the picture and her aunt said she would make me a copy and send it to me when I returned from my trip (this was 1999, and I was about to embark on The Grand Adventure).

However, my wife’s, Miranda Kopfschmertzen’s, aunt moved shortly after and the picture went missing. But lo, upon my last visit to Oklahoma last month, much to my surprise, the picture had been found and this time, it came home with me. So now I present it to you, Dear Reader. For if it again ever gets lost, there will be hundreds of memories of it, not just my one. And so, hopefully, it will live on for ever. Tell your children about it. Tell the world.

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