Mike Is In Deep Shit

Today, I got a wrong number on my cursed mobile phone. These are my favorite kinds of calls. I try and drag them out as long as possible, get to know the caller. Sometimes they hang up right away after realizing it’s the wrong number, which is supremely disappointing. But sometimes, you can get them going in a conversation which makes my day. So when my phone rang and I did not recognize the number calling, I was all over it:

Me: (anticipation) Hello?!

Lady: Is Mike there?

Me: No, sorry. Can I help you?

Lady: (more pointed) Yeah. Can you tell Mike to CALL HIS GIRLFRIEND?!

Me: You bet. I don’t know who Mike is though.

Lady: Isn’t this Roger?

Me: No, sorry again. I am Lordleiter.

Lady: (embarrassed) Oh geez. I am sorry.

Me: Don’t be. If I see Mike, I assure you I will let him have it.

Lady: (nervous laugh) Um…okay. Bye.

Me: Good luck!

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