Literary Lemmings

My advance-ordered “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” arrived on Saturday and so like the rest of America, England and worlds beyond, I am in the throws of it 800+ pages.

Not to worry if you have not yet picked up your copy or are just beginning the book. I have no intention of giving away any of the plot points or ruining anything for you here. But let me just say this, I know Harry is now in his hormone enriched, pubecent phase of life (he is now 15), but he needs to knock off all that whiney!

Now let us all hope that the book is actually quite enjoyable and not just another silly sequel that we crave so badly that we read all the way through trying to make it likable, or suffer from Phanton Menace Syndrome.

My wife’s clever ploy of having today be a Monday was obviously successful. Now she gets the book to herself all day. Damn! Dash cunning of her.

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