Lack Of Updates

The Nudge Has No Blog SkillsTo all my dear readers, I am mortified at the lack of updates these past few weeks.

I tried an experiment with the blogs of late. I decided to take on an assistant to help me make more frequent posts. I figured this would help with creativity and keep me free of being bogged down with mundanitites. (It’s not a word, but should be.) As per the guidelines I’d set up for my underling I’d been passing my genius prose and deft wit to my new intern for weeks now and been assuming these writings had been reaching you.

Imagine my surprise when I found out today that nothing had been posted since mid-November! Well, I confronted my lackey about this. He cited “creative differences” and “lack of thumbs” as his feeble reasons for not posting. Of course, these reasons are unacceptable.

And so the iGarfunkel to my eSimon has been summarily sacked. I will once again be posting on my own.

Once again, just to re-iterate, the lack of entries is all The Nudge’s fault…not mine.

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