Jupiter BAM!

Finally a clear night with which to ponder the cosmos. It seems on the last night of June, the perpetual June Gloom decided to come to a close for the time being, thus ushering in July. (As far as I know, July has no mood that is commonly associated with it, hence I knew not what to due with my beard. Off it went in stages over the day, much to my wife’s chagrin.)

With much glee and veritable delight, I set up my telescope in my mid-renovated patio (pictures to come soon) and aimed my sights at Jupiter. On this particular night, it was low on the northwestern horizon, thus is was hovering on top of the metropolitan glow. These are not ideal star gazing settings, but I had little say in the matter. Despite the lackluster optimization, I braved another stint into astrophotography with my ground breaking technique. I could not manage to get the Galilean Moons to appear in the picture, but I assure you they were there. I’ll tell you what, it is not easy to hold the camera and telescope still for any length of time as such magnitudes!

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