Johnny Depp: Damn Fine American

As you may have noticed, the last movie I saw in the theater was “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” The movie was highly entertaining for what it was and Johnny Depp was sheer genius, as usual. After the film my wife and I were discussing the highs and lows of the picture and then she dropped the bomb. She mentioned that she was going to see this movie and some friends asked her she could support a film with Johnny Depp after “those horrible things he said about America.” I am going to repeat and summarize so you do not have to go back a line and make sure you read that properly. People have chosen not to see a film featuring Johnny Depp because in a recent interview given to a Stern magazine he expressed his opinion about America and its leaders, which were not favorable in the minds of mass America.

First, and probably most important, with all the hunger, violence, poverty, oppression and so on in the current world please find a more noble cause to champion than Johnny Depp’s disparaging remarks and film appearances. At least find a slightly better reason to boycott the film: too much violence perhaps.

Second, and please correct me if I am mistaken here, but is not one of the finest features of being an American (which Johnny Depp is) is that a citizen has the right to one’s own opinions as well as the ability to express those opinions freely?

Third, for the love of Jack Lord, take the time to read the interview before passing judgment. After reading the interview you are free to make your own opinion about Johnny Depp’s life choices (as is your right as an American). If you are like so many other people and you just take it on someone else’s word that Mr. Depp said some “bad things” about America and you no longer support him then shame on you, Lemming. This is the catalyst for mob mentality and the reason that governments have the ability to oppress.

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