How Rad the Internet Is

I shall now put to rest the claim that the Internet is frivolous and useless. Granted: 90%+ of the content out there is sheer crap. However this is how rad the Internet is:

If you are a regular visitor to this site (90% of which is utter rubish) you may have read out the glorious and wildly successful “Moustache Monday”. If not get caught up, lad! Did you see that picture?!

So, a day or two ago my friend, Frau Von Firstenburg, sent me an email note through this site (the “Send Message” link) and commented on her enjoyment of the “Moustache Monday” entry. I replied to her email and in the email I lamented about how I enjoy receiving mail from my site, but have yet to receive any mail from any complete strangers. I also referred to these site-generated emails as my “fan mail”. Though I refer to it as such in private, because it helps my self-esteem, no where on my site do I make mention of the phrase “fan mail”. (Though, with this new entry, my site will be peppered with this brilliant phrase.)

An hour or two after replying to Frau Von Firstenburg’s email, I receive another piece of fan mail, though I do not recognize the sender’s name or email address. And the writer makes mention of how she “is still laughing about Moustache Monday” but that she has another reason for “sending you this fan mail”. She claims that she knows one of the conspirators in the photo and asks “is one of the Moustacheteers in the image named Cookie?” Both Cookie and Frau are graphic designers working in the area, so it is quite possible that Frau knows Cookie.

I reply to the fan mail. I respond in the afirmative that one of the moustached men is Cookie. I then go on to tell this “unknown” fan, who is obviously Frau trying to make me feel better, that if she intends to fool me with an email she must be more clever to cover her tracks. For Frau had just sent me a fan mail about enjoying “Moustache Monday” and was now commenting on how she was “still” laughing about it, and she made reference to “fan mail” which I had only made reference to for the first time only hours ago to her. Sherlock was on the case. I revelled in my cleverness.

Well, it turns out I had my iFoot in my eMouth, because the writer of the most recent email did not know me, was definitely not Frau and was not sure why I was accusing her of trying to fool me. She re-iterated her question about the identity of Cookie. Dig this – this nice lady, Tinker Bell, did in fact know Cookie, but had not spoken to him since his wedding (about three years prior). She was reading Clamhead‘s site about Clamhead’s perspective of “Moustache Monday” which contained a link to this site, linked to this site, saw the picture and thought, “well put your right foot in, and put your right foot out; I think I know one of those gorgeous moustached men but I haven’t spoken to him in years!”

So because Clamhead went on vacation, and because we thought it would be funny for us all to have moustaches upon Clamhead return from holiday, and because I posted a picture of the four of use which we almost forgot to take, and because Clamhead also wrote about the “Moustache Monday” and linked to my site, and because Tinker Bell happened to be reading Clamhead’s site while that link was still posted, and because “Moustache Monday” tickled her interest enough for her to link over to another site…Tinker Bell and Cookie, friends from high school, had a chance to catch up.

That is how rad the Internet is.

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