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There are those that happen upon my site via Google or Yahoo* searches. (You know what would make a great search engine site? It would be purposed to land you where you needed to go rather than where you wanted to be. A bit groovier and more buddhist than other search engines. Quick – is available. Buy it now and steal my idea!)

But still, getting to One of the stats listed out by the web statistics program on my site (provided by my gracious web host) is “search strings.” Essentially, what searches lead someone to my site. Rarely do I check out my stats, but occasionally I look in for a laugh. For the month of October, here are some of the better search strings that lead web surfers to my site (and no doubt great confusion as to why they were on

“mackerel shark” – I certainly don’t ever remember writing about a mackerel shark. Sounds tasty though. What is super odd is that this particular search string lead to my site an astounding 5 times. With that much interest in mackerel sharks, perhaps I should start a club. We could meet every Thursday and debate what we think a mackerel shark actually is and what skills it would have.

“carcharodon carcharias” – Two people searched for “carcharodon carcharias.” Dude, I don’t even know what that is. I am going to have to search on it myself and hope that my site isn’t the only result that comes up…Okay, google is telling me that “carcharodon carcharias” is the scientific name for a white shark. Well it’s a good thing people came to my site for that, because if they are avid readers (like you), then they will have learned to watch out for white sharks…because they bite.

“price is right yoddler” – Two people (the same two people?) came to my site hoping to find the Price Is Right yoddler. This one is super dear to my eHeart. When I was little, and stayed home from school because I was sick, I would always watch The Price is Right. And my favorite game? You guessed it – The Yodeler. (Although Plinko was super mega awesome too.) All I ever wanted, the only thing that would cure whatever ailed me was seeing that little cardboard guy in Liederhosen rocket over the falls. And even though some not-so-savvy shopper had sent him to his doom, that little Swiss guy would keep singing until the very end. He gave me hope. What is doubly awesome is that two people spelled “yodeler” wrong and still got to my site. Did I misspell it too?

I am going to have to build a search mechanism on my site so I can search out these awesome word combos on my site and see what comes up.

*Although gets a vast amount of its visitors from Google and Yahoo, it must also be noted that sends more traffic my way than Google and Yahoo combined. Thanks, Clamhead.

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