Happy Endangered Species Day

Carl Pope (President of the Sierra Club) sent me an email today to let me know that May 18 is Endangered Species Day. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind helping him spread the word to my extensive fan base (rumor has it, it’s up to six now!). I said, “Word, Pope.”

So here’s what I propose. Each of you pick an endangered species off the following list. (I’ve taken the liberty of whittling it down to the good ones.) Then promote that endangered species all day.

I call dibs on the manatee. I plan on re-writing the lyrics to Yoko’s “O’ Sanity” to “O’ Manatee” and singing that all day while wearing a t-shirt of Yoko dressed up as a manatee. That should get the word out about manatees.

Here are some other sweet endangered species you wish to support:

  • Hawaiian hoary bat
  • American black bear (you know how to defend yourself from these)
  • bighorn sheep
  • black-footed ferret
  • jaguar (the animal, not the car)
  • sea otter (both northern and southern)
  • Panther
  • Puma (not a car, but should be)
  • Carolina northern flying squirrel
  • voles (the animal, not Tennessee fans)

If you don’t want to start a specific species campaign, then Carl said you can always chuck some money the animal’s way.

Mm, dum, doo, dum,
Mm, dum, doo, da-da, dum.

Its only sane to be insane,
Psychotic builds a castle and neurotic lives in it.
I don’t know what to do with my manatee
When the worlds at a verge of calamity.

O manatee, o manatee,
What am I to do with you?
Drink up, shoot up, anything you please
But shes always standing behind me like a devil in hell.

O manatee, o manatee,
Why dont you let me go?
Let go, let go,
Cut it out!

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