Good Times in Siberia

Someone found this link. As with any sort of work-time distraction this spread though the office like crack on a Monday morning (non-observed holiday). After about 5 minutes the novelty had worn off, so we had to spice things up. We made “challenges” to with which to best each other. Competition is fierce and the stink was cast frequently. At one point I had the record for each of these, then Taube (Jack Lord curse his name) found the sweet spot. Here is what you have to try and beat:

  • Farthest Overall: 323.5 (Taube, Ricardo, Cookie)
  • Farthest Stick-in-the-Ground: 207.7 (Taube)
  • Shortest (Not Zero): 65.5 (Taube)

If you think of any other challenges, please pass those babies on. If you beat any of these records, take a screenshot and send that baby on as well. Don’t go Photoshopping up a picture because a) that’s poor sportsmanship and b) it’s already been done. Have fun and may the force be with you.

Note: No penguins were harmed in this competition.


  1. Corporate Lackey on 23 January 2004 at 4:20 am

    Haven’t the foggiest on how to take a screenshot, so you’ll just have to trust that my longest stick is 207.6 and longest overall is 323.5. ‘Bout time penguins got their due.–CL

  2. Taube on 23 January 2004 at 4:58 am

    I have the ultimate non-photoshop’d, not faked in any way “Stick-In-The-Ground” launch. This penguin went around the world with two snaps back.

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