Gimp Thumb

Some of you have expressed interest in my injured thumb. It was totally my fault, and I knew better. I was cutting a block of cheese with a cheese knife. But, foolishly, I was cutting toward my left hand. The knife skimmed off the cheese and right to my thumb. I filleted a bit of the inside of my thumb off. Nothing too serious. Just need time to heal. Only real problem is that I have to typewith one hand now, hence the sort or copy/pasted blog entries since Monday.

My wife, Miranda Kopfschmetzen says I should tell everyone that I injured myself doing an innovative new superthumb. If only the story was that awesome, and not me being a dunce.

That which makes me human is in jeopardy. If only I had foot thumbs!

(Just for the record I am listening to the new Paul album in that picture. Shhh! Working on my advanced review for you, not sure how I am going to type it out. Maybe I’ll have The Nudge take dictation.)


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