Get Amber to Sweden

Amber is applying to Hyper Island school of new media in Sweden. Excitement ensues. One of the requirements she must fulfill is to create an online portfolio of her work thus far. So she has done so. Now what she needs is lots of eyes looking at the site and getting user feedback so the site can be as boss hog as possible. So, be a champ and give her some help so she can razzle dazzle the judges. The needs to be done by Monday, so get the lead out.

1. Check out her site

2. Click around and give it a look.

3. Provide CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM* either by submitting a comment here sending it directly to Amber.

*Make your comments useful. Always answer “why.” Just saying “I didn’t like the colors,” won’t help her make her site better. But telling her “I don’t like the colors because I am color blind and the font color and the background color look all the same to me” gives her helpful hints on how to improve the site. Not being helpful and just being downright mean will result in no soup for one year.

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