Gay Marriage, Why Not?

Gay marriage has been popping up in the media lately and I am flabbergasted that there is still opposition to this. The main argument I keep hearing from The Opposition on this is to “protect the institution of marriage.”

Honestly, there is nothing left to protect. Marriage, as far as America is concerned, is a religious institution which the government (The Man) has regulated. So, for example, if you are a Catholic, you can do the whole church wedding with all the bells and whistles, but until you get all the paperwork done, the government will not recognize that union. (Yes, Catholics, I realize the Catholic god will recognize said union, but we are talking about governments recognition of it…keep on task here.) So, already there is some integrity lost.

Next, about half of all marriages will end in divorce. “Through sickness and health, good times and bad” apparently mean very little. Unless I am wrong, if you feel like you want to divorce your partner, that would qualify under the “bad times” clause and as such you most likely vowed to work through such times. Prenuptial agreements mock marriage with the very idea that “when we get divorced…” More integrity lost.

So, and again, correct me if I am wrong, legislators are trying desperately to protect marriage so that gays will not be able to flagrantly abuse the institution of marriage the way that heterosexuals have come to cherish as their American Right.

Not too long ago there were laws on the books that prohibited inter-race marriages. Hopefully, most of you are thinking, “NO WAY!” And let me tell you: way. My marriage may have been unlawful. (It’s hard to tell these days with so many people being racial potpourri). Many of my friends’ marriages would have been unlawful. So if current society holds it so unthinkable to ban inter-race marriages, how does it follow that it is perfectly reasonable to prohibit same-sex marriages?

What is President Bush so afraid of that he feels we must amend our 215 year old constitution to make it known to the US an the world that gay marriage is right out? How embarrassing it would be to have a ban on gay marriage as a constitutional amendment. It would be elevated to such noble heights as slavery banishment and the right to vote (eventually) to every citizen over 18. Seriously, even if one doesn’t approve of such marriages morally, what is the argument to legally ban gay marriages that I am missing? WHAT AM I MISSING?!

It would be interesting to see what the voting results would be if Congress voted separately on gay marriages for men and gay marriages for women. I am willing to wager that even the stanchest, old, white, Baptist Congressman digs lesbians.

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