Frequent Reader Program

So, I think I have the cookies working and assuming you have your cookies turned to the “on” position, you may now join the Lordleiter Frequent Reader Program! There are two benefits to this. First, if these alleged cookies do work, then you no longer will have to fill out name, email, and URL in the comment areas when making comments after your first comment entry. This is a boon to those of you who are lazy or have trouble remembering such infomation (and to those who are both lazy and forgetful).

Second, once I am sure these so called cookies are working as planned (The Blogotron is my Frankenstein’s Monster), I will start leaving personal messages to individual readers so when you frequent my site you will find greetings and questions that you may respond to so we might better get aquainted or keep in touch, thus making my site catered to you personally.

So now let me give thanks (or “props,” or “shout-outs” or whatever the youngsters are saying these days) to my readers in advance:

To my wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen, thank you for proof-reading many (not all, she would like to add) of my entries before-hand so I shan’t make an unintended ass of myself; for being my wife as a general sort of radness, and for being a frequent contributer to the Tiki Room, my haven.

To Clamhead who is the greatest contributer of readers to my site and co-conspirator in Blogotronning (BAM!) and the finder of the tiki idol that caused Greg to wipe out, which now guards my 30th Anniversary Hawai’i 5-O poster in my Tiki Room, my harborage.

To Shemaiah, who needs no code name, my biggest fan and most frequent responder, may the emails never cease.

To Taube, for the Hockey. Long live Gibblets.

To Mrs. Taube for always being on the lookout for sweet trinkets for my Tiki Room, my sanctuary.

To Shiva, amber is the color of her energy; green is the color of her Kermit chair.

To Longboard and Wipeout, long time friends unbeknownst to me.

And to Mia, the first reader that is not a personal friend to respond to my site.

May I quote Farouk Bulsara, “I thank you all.”

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