Hard Creamer

Seriously, who’s drinking this?  Creamy thing can’t be made manly or tough or EXTREME by adding the word “hard” in front of it.  (Would you put HARD creamer or HARD Half ‘n’ Half in your coffee?)  In fact,  adding “HARD” to “creamer”  just makes things worse.  Maybe they should have called it EXCREAM!

When I see products like this I always wonder how they made it all the way from concept to prototype to testing to market.  Nowhere along the way (like right at the “concept” phase?) did anyone try and put a stop to this abomination beverage?  It looks like milky Tang.

Check out their site. It’s marketed as a “Fruit & Cream with a kick.”  Just what your life has been missing.  And listen to that boss funky jazz groove.  Yeaaaaaaaah…creamy….fruity….yeahhhhh…

HARD Creamer

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