Episode 11: Aaron’s Revenge

Agent ASuper suave superspy, Agent A, hot off his recent assignment in Costa Rica (where he saved the world again from evil doers bent on world domination), took a moment to enjoy himself in the Pacific Ocean.  Cruising the crystal clear waves on a crisp fall morning, Agent A deftly maneuvers Kruischev like an old lover.  But take note baddies! Even in a moment of repose, Agent A is vigilant as ever with his hawk-like vision and ninja stealth.  There’s a perfectly tailored tux underneath that wetsuit just in case there’s a surprise brunch to infiltrate in the parking lot.  And you can be sure he’ll bring the party.

Beware Dos Equis Guy, suddenly you’re not quite as interesting.

Many thanks to sneakmove.com for the perfect soundtrack and to Still Life Photography for the perfect image.


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