Dr. Elton Raintree

Steve McGarrettDr. Raintree

Recently one of my favorite Five-O episodes came on to remind me just how awesome Steve McGarrett was as head of Hawaii’s State Police Department. In “Woe to Wo Fat” scientists are being snatched up all around the world by Wo Fat (“a red Chinese”). To McGarrett, Hawaii is not safe unless the whole of the Pacific is safe. And since EVERYONE else has quit the show by season 12 (including Danno), he takes it upon himself to go undercover as Dr. Raintree so that Wo Fat will snatch him up too. Since Wo Fat and McGarrett have tangled before Steve had to don a “Jean Valjean” wig and moustache to avoid recognition. Totally clever because check out those pictures above. You would never recognize him, would you!?!?

Seriously, isn’t it the job of the police chief to personally go undercover to fight the commies on their turf?

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