Del Agua

In my latest trip to Del Taco (where the employees greet me by name and with a wave and a smile), I saw Del Taco’s latest money maker idea. This idea involves selling bottled water, which is genius because the majority Californians (everyone but me) will not drink tap water. Personally, I can’t stomach the thought of paying more for water than I do gas. Moving on. Del Taco named this product “Del Agua.” As good as this idea may be, it really didn’t work on me. My knee-jerk reaction to Del Agua was akin to “Mexican water, are you nuts?!” Yes, I realize that their water is probably as clean as Arrowhead, and yes I realize the futility of question the bottled water quality at a restaurant where I should clearly be questioning the quality of the food, and yes I realize (after my initial shock) that this is not really “Mexican Water,” but I am not drinking that water. I am as convinced that this water is a direct route to Montezuma’s Revenge as I am that Japanese scientist have bombed the home of the Loch Ness Monster to ferret out the great beast, who, it turns out, is our friend and ally.

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