Dashed Dreams

O crushed spirit, The Dude has foresaken me. So sometime this spring I wandered upon what may be the greates social event of a lifetime, only to find that I had missed it. I found that some dudes had gathered together to bowl, drink white russians and celebrate the glory that is “The Big Lebowski”. This was my Woodstock. I had missed Lebowskifest. It was held in October of 2002. DRAT! I did buy a shirt of the event so I could have something to hold on to.

But what light through yonder window broke? News of a 2nd Annual Lebowski fest. O heavenly day, my soul had been saved. So I asked my wife if she would permit me to attent said shindig and to my elation she said, “Sure,” with a tone of “Why wouldn’t you be able to go?” (It is held in Kentucky, so there is a bit of travel and expense involved in attending.) However, there was a fatal flaw in this brilliant plan of mine. I had assumed that the second fest would be held round about the same time as the first. So I set my mind to prepare for this fall excursion. Two days ago, I went to the Web site to get the exact date so that I may begin making travel plans only to find pictures of the 2nd Annual Recap! This years fest was held in JULY! Why, oh why?! They had ringer toss contests and Jesus look-a-like contest and bowling…

This time the bear got me.

But there is a silverish lining to this darkend cloud as well. There is already a date set for the third fest. June 19th. I will so be there. Just to be safe, if you would not mind, please start sending me message around May to remind me. Thanks.

Now for those of you who have read this far but are baffled by what is going on, shame on you. Now that you have been shamed, immediately go out and buy (not rent, you will not regret this purchase) the movie “The Big Lebowski”. Watch it several times and bask in its brilliance. Then you too will ponder baffling questions like How did John Goodman not win (or be nominated for) Best Supporting Actor?, or How did the Coen brothers not win (or be nominated for) Best Original Screenplay?, or How did little Larry’s homework get into The Dude’s car?

The Dude abides.

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