Coffee Woah!s 2: Electric Boogaloo

…Come Thursday I go onto the set of “Felicity” to get my coffee. This time there is someone new manning the register. Someone higher up than Designer Sideburns. He was not only appalled by my refill request, which I made as sternly as before, he was vehemently opposed. My coffee confidence did not overpower his will. He asked me whether or not I had already purchased some coffee from him that day. Of course I hadn’t; had he known my pattern as well as The Boss, he would know I come in once everyday. He posed this question to me: “How can I refill your mug if you haven’t bought any coffee in the first place?” Don’t get smart with me Sonny Jim, I wanted to say. However, I am not nearly old or surly enough to successfully say and mean such an awesome phrase. Instead, I quickly formed a retort from my smart ass: “Well, Riddler, I bought some coffee yesterday. My mug was thusly ‘filled’. As it had already been ‘filled’ yesterday, today I would like my mug to be RE-filled.”

At this point New Head Honcho was willing to give me my refill. I guess he was impressed with my courage to toe his line. But he was unfamiliar with The Boss’ old refill policy. When he found out that a refill was 69

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