Coen Brothers Fest #10: "Intolerable Cruelty" (At Long Last!)

“Intolerable Cruelty” was a bit of an oddity judging by the movies of Coen past. It features no Coen regulars (although this is the second film Clooney has done with them) and the story did not originate with the brothers Coen.

As usual, Clooney, under the direction of the Coens, was brilliant playing supercharged divorce lawyer Miles Massey. As my wife likes to say, George Clooney is this generation’s Cary Grant – dashing, gift for farse, master of facial expressions… Though were she forced to choose, Cary Grant would win, hands down.

Overall this movie was enjoyable with many out-loud laughs. But, it was surely not a Coen masterpiece. Rather than being a Coen film, this was more a lightly clever film that was Coenized (again a nod to the wife).

However this film contained two film clich

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