Bureaucratic Efficiency Follow-Up

I received another letter about San Onofre State Beach today. This included a greeting to me personally and a closing. It read:

There are no immediate or future pending plans for facility upgrades at San Onofre. We do not provide any paper products such as seat covers or paper towels since the facilities are easily plugged up with anything other than toilet paper. There is no sewer service to San Onofre and all toilet facilities dump into vaults which must be pumped out frequently. We do not have air driers because most of the facilities do not have electricity. The general plan for the park specifies that the facilities and improvements are primitive in nature. We clean all of the facilities daily, however attendance continues to place higher demand and stress on them. Our operating budget has been reduced over the past years due to the State fiscal crisis. When funding is restored we look forward to restoring and improving services.

Thanks to budget shortfalls, deficits, superb energy management and terrorism, California can’t afford a few decent toilets. I am pretty sure my property taxes alone could buy at least one space-aged loo with a super sweet septic tank. I am going straight to The Governator.

If you care to email Arnold about anything you may do so here.

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