Beatles Catalog To Be Remastered

Great news for those who love life. They who dig love. We who love dig. (If you do not fall into any of these categories you are likely either a fascist or dead.) The Beatles’ entire British catalog is finally being remastered.

Apple Corpse gave a us a taste of what The Beatles would sound like remastered first with “Let It Be…Naked” and then with the hodgepodge mashing of the “Love” soundtrack. Our eye glazed over in psychedelic delight while we listed to the brilliant and cleaned up sounds of The Beatles in our noise-canceling headphones. They way we always knew it should sound.

And like a good Pusher, Apple told us, “Hey baby, the first taste is free.” And like good junkies, we scrambled back 24 hours later pale and itchy asking for more. “Come on, Apple. I just need one more fix, then I’ll be right.”

Likely with all the solo Beatles appearing on iTunes, I suspect the entire Apple catalog will soon appear on iTunes. Look for them in one of those ads at the top in the coming months.

And again like good crackheads, we will buy the whole catalog…again…without even looking at the price. It doesn’t matter that we bought everything again when all the albums came out on cassette…and then on compact disc…

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