As Only America Can

We lost. We lost bad. In fact, to date, it is the worst loss in this World Cup tournament. Essentially the Czech Republic wiped the field with the US team. It wasn’t as though we lost in a good match and played our best. It wasn’t as though we were victims of bad officiating or bad circumstance. No sir. As only America can seem to do, we played about as bad as we could play and lost about as bad as we could lose. And it’s not even that we lost this game – by losing this game US has put itself in a position that they MUST win the next two games.

Watching the game, when you’ve been watching this team for two years getting ready for this tournament, supporting them all the way when other say, “Yeah, right,” was not dissimilar to constant, unrelenting punches to the nuts for 90 minutes. I had my foam #1 finger ready and everything. Unfortunately I didn’t get to wave it once since US forgot to score (a key component to winning a soccer match).

My dog, The Nudge, is convinced he is in big trouble and is currently hiding in the bathroom for all my cries of “No!” and “For the love of Jack Lord, why?!” . I have to go console myself with a Las Barcas burrito.

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