American Idol

I have to get this out just in case I ever run for office. I have been watching American Idol this season. I have never watched it before and will probably NEVER watch it again, now that I know what goes on. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be able to make it through this season were it not for the blessed advent of the DVR (the poorman’s TiVo). Now I can compress those grueling two-hour shows into about 20-30 minutes. Fast forward through the hoards of commercials, all the monotonous recaps, most of the Simon, all the Seacrest and most importantly, ALL the Abdul (Jack Lord help her).

But this season I actually know someone who is competing: Lisa Tucker. I imagine that if she ever leaves the show, I will probably quit watching because beyond that, I have no interest in the rest of the hopefuls. Not that they can’t sing, a few of them can. Just not interested.

And just for the record, if Lisa goes before Bucky, I will lose all faith in American taste in music. Not that I have much to begin with. Seriously though, America let Michael Bolton (a “no-talent ass-clown”) not only become popular, but continue to be popular. Boo, America. Boo. And we make fun of Germany for liking Hasselhof. Hello? Kettle?

Also, just for the record, the L.A. Times came today.

Seacrest, OUT!

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