A Mechanics Veiled Warning

I took my truck in to get an oil change the other day and got the Murphy treatment. “Well, we changed the oil, but your brakes are gone, your head-gaskets are leaking, your tires need rotating…” Don’t get me wrong, my mechanic is actually a very nice and reasonable guy. My truck is just getting old and stuff like this does come up on occasion; it was just overwhelming to have it all at once.

However, part of the oil change service is a car wash. I am super diligent about keeping my truck in good running condition. However, once that status is achieved, the look of the truck is my last concern. I keep the inside clean since I have to sit in there everyday, but the exterior often begs for the “wash me” graffiti.

So when I got my truck back after $620 and three days my mechanic handed me back my keys to my now shiny truck. He didn’t initially let go of the keys when I grabbed them. Instead, he tilted his head down a bit and said, “Just for the record, it turns out your truck is red.” He let go of the keys. When I brought the truck in, the color may have been described as a dingy maroon. I immediately had flashbacks to the Seinfeld episode when Jerry’s mechanic took Jerry’s car hostage because he wasn’t taking proper care of the car.

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