A Broke Down Melody

I was just re-watching A Broke Down Melody, a film by Chris and Emmet Malloy, again.  What struck me this time was just how vibrant this film always seems to me.  All the colors, especially the blues, seems a bit richer and all the smiles seem a bit bigger. The film is full of positivity and life.  The kind that could cause Bodhi to start chanting.

I enjoy A Broke Down Melody because it is really centered around the joy of surfing, rather than personalities, ego or competition.  Sure it has the likes of Kelly Slater and Gerry Lopez in the film, but it also has lots of unknows and kids featured in the movie.  Same goes for the waves too.  There are some crazy big, tow-in waves, but some of the shots are of little three footers that could just as well be my local break.  What’s more, those waves are being surfed by people just like me, average Joes who are clearly stoked on surfing.

And, as with all Woodshed Films, the soundtrack is mesmerizing.  Good song selection to complement the visuals.

It’s only real fault is that it seems to have an identity crises with it’s name.  Sometimes it’s listed as Brokedown Melody and sometimes it’s A Broke Down Melody.  The later is on the box, so that’s what I’m going with.

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[youtube width=”570″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpzIXCHzc-s[/youtube]

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