50 Cent

Cruising through this weeks new releases on iTunes, I found a new single from 50 Cent. I am not a rap connoisseur by any means (though give me some Lil’ Jon anytime, YEAH!), but this one caught my attention: “Disco Inferno.” I really don’t know what I was expecting, but this is the worst cover I’ve ever heard. Not only was its lamey lameness super lame, but the clean version of the song had an “Explicit” warning along with is dirty counterpart. Well done there.

Also, why do rappers start singing at certain points in their songs? Unless you are Biz Markie (and just to be clear, 50 cent is not), this is right out. Doing this make said rapper looks as silly as Debbie Harry did when started rapping.

Granted, I am WAY out of my element here. I only heard 30 seconds of the song, and this could very well not even be a cover. So if this is not a cover, then I say, “Find a different title, Mr. Cent.” “Disco Inferno” is taken. It is like a retired sports jersey. You can’t have number 7; that’s Mickey Mantle’s number.

I will not pay 99 cent for this single.

Long Live O.D.B.

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