5 Gift Ideas Under $50 for your Surf Friends

We are well into the shopping season now.  We at EPF had a lot of positive response to the last Holiday Shopping Ideas list, so we though we’d bring you another such list.  This time we feature 5 holiday gift ideas under $50.

  1. The Present DVD – $26.99 – The Present is the best new surf movie I saw this year.  The Present by Thomas CampbellThe latest in a series of great surf films by Thomas Campbell (Sprout, The Seedling), The Present features lots of great surfing in amazing locations (especially the West Africa sequence) from lots of great surfers.  But the best sequence is the Inner Monkey surf contest.  Well worth watching even for the non-surfer.  My parents-in-law watched it with me twice (at their request).  They love it.
  2. Block Surf Surf RacksSurf Racks – $26.99 to $43.99 – Surf racks depend a bit on what you are fitting them to, so here go the main basics.  For cars/SUVs with luggage racks, go for the Block Surf SUV Surfboard Racks ($37.99).  If you are fitting a car without luggage racks the Block Surf Double Surfboard Car Racks ($43.99) work well and you don’t need any extra equipment to attach them to your car. (They wrap through the vehicle.) And finally there are pads for tailgates like the Block Surf Tailgate Surfboard Racks ($26.99) for your truck driving friends.
  3. 312MJDrEMmL._SL160_Rainbow Sandals – $25.50 to $35.50 – Rainbow Sandals: The classic surfer’s slipper.  The classic Rainbow model is ideal for surfing – nylon straps and rubber soles.  They can collect years of sea water and salt and never funk up like their leather brethren. Rainbows come in women’s models, single layer, double layer (for people with higher arches) and in various colors/styles.  If you are looking for non-after-surf sandals, the Premier Leather Rainbows are fantastic.  And if you are looking for an eco-alternative sandal, I recommend the Hemp Rainbows (hemp also helps cut down on the funk; I just got a pair of these and LOVE them).
  4. FCS Surfboard SockSurfboard Sock – $26.00 to $42.00 -If you have friends who are still traveling around with bare boards, the FCS Stretch Sock Surfboard Cover makes a great gift.  I know a lot of surfers don’t believe in socks and bags (which I don’t get at all), but the price of a single ding fix usually exceeds the price of a bag or sock.  How can that not be worth it?  It will protect and lengthen the life of the board significantly. Respect your boards.  They love getting into their cozies as much as you do after a cold surf!
  5. Ding Repair KitDing Repair Kit – $28.00 – So, you didn’t get a board bag and you dinged your board.  Well, the good news is that most dings are fixable.  Better still, with a little bit of knowledge and the right supplies, most dings can be fixed right at home.  No need to outsource to a pro.  The Ding Repair Scriptures Book: The Complete Guide to Surfboard RepairThe Super Deluxe-Large Ding Repair Kit has every thing a surfer needs for most repairs. After a few repairs you’ll be a pro and your friends will be asking you for repairs. (Then get them to buy the supplies and you’ll never pay for a ding repair again!) Also, at $8.95, the The Ding Repair Scriptures Book: The Complete Guide to Surfboard Repair is a great reference manual to the Ding Repair Kit. This book is the Bible of ding repair.

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