Bud Light + Clamato = Chelada?

Continuing on our gross drinks theme, I give you Chelada.  Because mixing Clams and Tomatoes wasn’t already a hideous enough idea. Beer Advocate rated this beverage a “D.”  Though it should be noted that the rating was based on Budweiser and Clamato.  Perhaps mixing Clamato with Bud Light, thus making it healthier, ups the rating….

Hard Creamer

Seriously, who’s drinking this?  Creamy thing can’t be made manly or tough or EXTREME by adding the word “hard” in front of it.  (Would you put HARD creamer or HARD Half ‘n’ Half in your coffee?)  In fact,  adding “HARD” to “creamer”  just makes things worse.  Maybe they should have called it EXCREAM! When I…