When Will You Get Back Into Your Fullsuit?

The water has been warmer this past week then I can ever remember it being here in Southern California.  I always think we are lucky if it nears 70ºF.  But now it’s been well over 70ºF for almost a whole week.  Who knew it could be so good? (Hawai’ians, that’s who!)  With an exciting new swell coming at the end of this/beginning of next week, I am sure the deeper, colder water will get churned back in the mix and temps will drop again.  But for years to come, we’ll spin yarns about the summer of 2009 when the water temperatures got well nigh to 85…and we had to walk uphill through snow to get to the beach…and fight off hungry white sharks bent on human extinction…

So, when the water turns cold again, what will be your threshold?  How long will you hang on to your trunks?  Vote here!

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