There Is Never a Bodhi Around When You Need One

Josh and I paddled out for a session at Sunset this morning.  Conditions were pretty much a reset of yesterday, except it was a lot more crowded.  Pretty calm, clean,  slightly textured 2s and 3s with bigger sets rolling through every 15 or 20 minutes.  The waves were a bit more consistent today, and on the whole a little bigger today, but they were mostly slow rollin’ cruisers.  I told Josh it was longboard heaven out there.  We scored some fun long rides.  One wave we took together was so long I had time to catch up on how his family was doing, get his thoughts on the current economic situation and even ask what his plans were for Thanksgiving before the ride was over.

SafteyOverall it was a pretty mellow sesh except for the moment when I got caught a little too inside on a take off and I fell off my board, Josh was already up and riding the wave and my board shot at his board like a torpedo.  So once again Kruise-chev suffered ANOTHER ding!  I can not keep that board off the operating table, and at this point I think I am going to have to start keeping an accident counter for each day it goes with out incident.  I’ll reserve that for another post.

Everyone seemed to be having a pretty good time out there; however, this one dude was insanely agro and tried to pick a fight with people not once but twice.  He was completely losing his head because somebody got in his way, screaming and making it an awkward situation for everybody.   I understand getting upset if some dude drops in on you or runs into you but its no reason to get all pissed and start picking fights.  I mean how pissed can you get at a dude who drops in on you when it looks like this out there?


Ok it wasn’t quite that bad, but still, relax bro.

A little later a nice big one rolled through and Angry Guy was sharing a wave with another dude, but he wasn’t happy about it.  They seemed to be having a sweet ride but they got pretty close to each other and Angry Guy purposely launched his board at the other guy and smoked him in the leg.  There was a collective “WHOA” shouted from everyone who saw this. I had a front row seat because I was paddling back out from a ride.  As soon as the waved passed these two were going at it shouting about what happened.  They both had reason to be unhappy, Angry Guy was in the wave first, but there was enough room for them to both rock.  As soon as he pulled the surface to air missile attack he was officially branded a dick by everyone who saw it.  Then he went full Warchild and said “Why don’t we get out of the water and settle this on the beach.  I’m gonna kick your ass,” etc., etc.  Thankfully the other guy paddled away and things cooled down, otherwise it would have been mayhem on the beach.


Luckily I bumped into Josh with my board rather than Angry Guy, because Josh was cool and we had a laugh over it. Angry Guy would probably have given me a knuckle sandwich, and I wasn’t hungry for lunch just yet.

Stay cool out there Bros, relax and have fun.

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