The Grape Mashing Incident

If you have not already seen this (it is likely you have), you will laugh at this video. And chances are you will go to Hell for it, or lose many Karma Koins or be downgraded for whatever your belief system is. However, if you consider what you are laughing at, then it is not as bad as it seems. Now watch the video below (be patient, the movie is just a shade under 5MB; press play when you are ready). Take notes and we will discuss afterward.

Now, what makes most viewers ashamed of themselves is laughing at the journalist lady who falls. For this you should not feel bad. She DID cheat after all. And as the ol’ adage warns us, for cheating one does not prosper, ever. Clearly the journalist lady did not prosper. Plus, there is that unearthly noise she makes after having the wind knocked out of her. So, for that you can feel kind of bad for deriving humor at her misfortune. But Jack Lord help us, if I ever make a noise like that I insist that all viewers laugh. Help me out, but laugh at the noise.

But what is truly hilarious are the reactions from the hosts in the studio at the end of the movie. Worse than your compulsion to laugh at the journalist lady’s self-induced misfortune is the bland, Prozac laden reactions to someone who is clearly hurt. “Oh no….oh dear…boy I think she’s actually hurt there…she took a hard fall…gosh, I hope she’s okay…” Damn skippy she is hurt, did you hear that haunting noise?! So, if that is what made you laugh from this video, then you are square in the Karma department.

However, if you have already seen this video and already laughed at it, and now you just watched it again and laughed even harder than the first time, then Karma is sending in The Wolf, directly.

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