Single Fin Red Log

This is my favorite board, my trusty log.  It goes by several names: The Red Scare, The Red Menace, The Comrade… but Jeff took a ride or two on it and named it “Kruise-chev”, and now that’s the name it is most often called.  The shaper was a dude named Ryan Horlacher for a company called Dirty Glassing, which I don’t think exists anymore, but was once based in Malibu.  Kruisechev is 9’3” long and 23” wide with a single fin (9.5″ True Ames Slick).

I bought it used on Craig’s List and this board has a sordid past.  I got a good deal on it because at some point somebody surfed it into beach like they were storming the beaches of Normandy and put some serious scrapes and dings in it.  I was eager to get a nose rider because its something I’ve wanted to learn, and I figured I would start with a used one and just fix it up.  So its not the best looking board anymore, but it has a lot of character, and I love the way it rides.  This board has serious paddle power and can get into almost any wave.  It trims across waves pretty quickly for a clean cruising ride.  Over the last 2 months I’ve been walking toward the front for some nose rides and its very stable.  I’m not hanging 5 yet but getting close, and before long I hope to be hanging all 10 over.  The more I get to know this board the more I like it, and most days it’s the one I reach for.

Early on when I was getting used to it I had several mishaps.  First, a fin was snapped off after I got slammed by a rogue wave while I was in pretty shallow water in Venice.  Then it was dinged pretty bad when I got tangled up with Josh, and his fin ripped into my board.  Totally my fault!  Fortunately, I have a bro with a workshop, and I think he would like to start shaping boards.  So he doesn’t mind resetting new fin boxes when disaster strikes!

Despite the early start up difficulties, and it’s troubled past, this board is an awesome ride and I thoroughly enjoy the cruising power of Kruisechev.

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