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3 January 2019

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Johnny Depp: Damn Fine American

21 September 2003

As you may have noticed, the last movie I saw in the theater was “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” The movie was highly entertaining for what it was and Johnny Depp was sheer genius, as usual. After the film my wife and I were discussing the highs and lows of the picture and then she dropped the bomb. She mentioned that she was going to see this movie and some friends asked her she could support a film with Johnny Depp after “those horrible things he said about America.” I am going to repeat and summarize so you do…

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The Strange Appeal of Hot Hot Heat

13 September 2003

All things being equal, I would dismiss Hot Hot Heat as quickly as Color Me Bad. However, all things are not equal. H3 has some sort of odd alure that I can not explain. It is a bad omen when I hear a song more than once on the radio on the same day as I have “Bandages”. But I can’t get enough Heat! Such volumous play usually means the song is in high rotation, backed by The Machine and hence the next fad, of which I want no part.The best example of this is the song “Smooth”; the bane…

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Long Pause, Tandem Bam

6 September 2003
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Dashed Dreams

22 August 2003

O crushed spirit, The Dude has foresaken me. So sometime this spring I wandered upon what may be the greates social event of a lifetime, only to find that I had missed it. I found that some dudes had gathered together to bowl, drink white russians and celebrate the glory that is “The Big Lebowski”. This was my Woodstock. I had missed Lebowskifest. It was held in October of 2002. DRAT! I did buy a shirt of the event so I could have something to hold on to. But what light through yonder window broke? News of a 2nd Annual…

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Sunset: A Study In Time

20 August 2003

Here is my first foray into time-lapsed digital photography. Be warned. The video file is over 100k, so you may be staring at a blank whiteness for a moment. At the risk of being foresaken by my wife, I took nearly 100 pictures a few evenings ago at 10 second intervals. My wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen, was preparing a delightful dinner for us. I was upstairs putting away laundry when I saw the sunset from our bedroom window and was suddenly inspired. I also created a little ukulele loop that I was going to put to this movie, but my hard…

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Corporate Juggtrumernaut Trumps My Biggest Fear

15 August 2003

As many of you know, and the rest of you will now know, my biggest fear in life is having B.O or bad breath. I know I should probably pick a better fear because that one exudes lameness. “Nevermind that train that almost obliterated me, Bob, do I have bad breath?” In my defense (which will be weak), I do drink coffee like a mad fiend so I do have reason to think that I am in a contstant state of having the dreaded “coffee breath”. To avoid the vile “coffee breath”, I try (though I do not always succeed)…

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Turns Out, I Know This Guy

12 August 2003

So, I went to the wedding of my wife’s, Miranda Kopfshmertzen’s, friends from high school. (Who are now my friends as well, but I did not go to high school with them.) As to be expected there were penty of other friends from their high school in attendance as well; some of whom I had met ten years earlier, some who I had never met. One of MIranda Kopfschmertzen’s, drama friends, Pi

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How Rad the Internet Is

8 August 2003

I shall now put to rest the claim that the Internet is frivolous and useless. Granted: 90%+ of the content out there is sheer crap. However this is how rad the Internet is: If you are a regular visitor to this site (90% of which is utter rubish) you may have read out the glorious and wildly successful “Moustache Monday”. If not get caught up, lad! Did you see that picture?! So, a day or two ago my friend, Frau Von Firstenburg, sent me an email note through this site (the “Send Message” link) and commented on her enjoyment of…

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Just Another Moustache Monday

6 August 2003

Yesterday was The Mushpot’s Moustache Monday. Here’s a quick recap. At my office the room I work in is lovingly dubbed “The Mushpot”. In the Mushpot there are five people who work regularly (and sometimes a sixth person, Y). Of these worker bees only Clamhead is a woman. (Poor Clamhead.) Last week Clamhead was on holiday on a tropical isle in the South Seas. So as a silly thing to do for her return, we decided to all grow moustaches; hence Moustache Monday. It seems the day may have been better titled “Circa 1983 Monday” or “Male Pornstar Monday”. Of…

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