27 April 2017

After helping organize nine WordCamps, I’ve made just about all the mistakes. Hopefully I’ve learned from each of them. Recently an organizer of an upcoming WordCamp asked me my thoughts on using food trucks to feed WordCampers. The pro is that you get a nice variety of foods to choose from. Much better and much more fun than the grab-n-go sandwich boxes you’ll find at a lot of camps. (I’m not knocking the grab-n-go option. All options have their pros and cons.) The con is that the lines can back up if food truck logistics are planned poorly. Long lines can dampen the mood of a camp, especially when folks are hungry. And the number one thing to make any camp successful is keeping folks happy. So, here are my tips: Taste test: (This is my favorite tip, because I love to eat.) Test out the trucks ahead of time for service and speed. Again, moving folks through the line quickly is key. All trucks will claim they can move people, but that’s not always true. So if you find the trucks you are considering out in the wild, you can see just how quickly they can turn around and order and…

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How Has Your Summer Surfing Been?

9 August 2010

My local surf spot has been plagued with the blahs this summer.  On top of that, I’ve been so busy with work (which I am totally grateful for) that I haven’t been out nearly as much as I’d like.  It’s so strange too.  Last summer this area was besieged by monster swells, which is unusual for summer.  Then we were treated to an El Niño winter/spring and now we’re rocking Super June Gloom 2010 (get melancholy!).  Is this the way of the future or just one of those anomaly years? Anyway, I know there has to be someone out there…

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EPF Episode 0015: No Waves Without Mike

6 August 2010

NEW VIDEO! I’ll disclose right from the get-go that this video is sub par.  After such a dry spell, I’d been waiting for some sort of magical day to get a new video out.  I’m tired of waiting and wanted to get back on track with the videos.  So we give you: Episode 15: No Waves Without Mike. Mike wasn’t able to join us today, so he told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was to document the day so he could live vicariously through us.  Unfortunately Mike took the waves with him and left nothing for us to…

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A Better, but Sandy Session

3 August 2010

Surfline claimed 2-4 and Fair.  But after the last few days’ reports being off by so much, I didn’t expect much.  I took the Merlin out again because I feel we haven’t properly bonded yet and I’m going to keep taking her out until our grooves sync.  Today was a step in the right direction. Surfline wasn’t exactly wrong on the forecast either.  There were 2-4 foot waves out there, the catch was that the sets only came every 15-20 minutes.  Luckily, there were only 2 or 3 other dudes out this morning, so it wasn’t a fight every time…

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On Surfari: Haiti Screening

2 August 2010

I was invited by the great guys over at Harbour Surf Shop to attend a screening of the latest On Surfari episode Haiti hosted by Shayne McIntyre at the Harbour shop.  It was wild, they transformed the shop into a mini-theater and packed in as many people as they could. The shop was filled with friends, food, drinks, good energy and a ton of stoke. I’ve always dug the On Surfari show, so this was a real treat for me (and my lovely wife, whom I’d brought along as my plus one).  First they showed the Liberia episode, then Shayne…

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Another Crap Session, with Video!

2 August 2010

I think I may have Greg’s Curse.  It could be that there hasn’t been a good swell in a while or could be something else, but I think I have the voodoo stink on me.  This explains why I’ve not had anyone to surf with in so long, why I’ve botched the easiest of meet ups in the last two weeks.  Karma knows I’m a goocher and is keeping me away from others.  The best ride I had was a sandy faceplant while trying to get shacked. I am in a good old fashioned slump. I’m going to have to…

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All Bark No Bite

1 August 2010

The forecast was claiming 2-3+ and fair conditions for this morning, so I was excited about the prospect of some decent surf. I haven’t had a really solid day in a long while.  For a bit it looked like Peeb might be able to join me for the fun, but both of our schedules got in the way. So I paddled out into what looked like super promising waves. I wanted to head out by the pier, but the US Open in on in full swing now, so I opted for Beach Bowls.  The waves had size and shape, but…

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The El Porto Friday I Missed Out On

30 July 2010

Boy, did I ever goof today. I sent out an email yesterday asking if anyone was planning on paddling out this morning. But do to an email snafu (of my own doing), I didn’t get any responses and I thought it was going to be an off week. Imagine my surprise when I started getting “where are you?” texts and calls in the wee hours of the morning. Turns out most everyone went this morning. Here’s a quick report from Jordan, our star correspondent on the scene: 2 Mikes, 2 Js, and one A showed up this morning. The clouds…

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Long Lefts at High Noon

24 July 2010

Finally a sunny day! I put my trunks on again and rode down to dog beach. (The Pier was right out – it was a sunny Saturday during summer vacation AND they are building for the Hurley US Open right now. It’s madness down there!) There was some wind chop wave merging, but if you caught the right corner you could left for a long time. The trouble I was having was that this was my third session inside of 24 hours and my arms were pleading with me to rest. “Not now, damn it!” I told my arms. But…

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Afternoon Crud, Again!

23 July 2010

Once again, I was so pumped up from the morning sesh that I ventured out for a second time. However, I did try to avoid my mistake from last time of reclaiming former glory. So I chose a different board, The Quatro, and went in with no expectations. But I did made another classic blunder: going out when you already know it’s bad. The wind had picked up, no one else was in the water and the wind-chop was just as big as the washed out waves. I knew better, but I was already in my trunks, I’d already rode…

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