Mmm, Mmm, Tasty

Seems a bit pricey for dookie. Though it is a “king” turd, so maybe it is something extra special. If I knew I could charge 11 clams for that, I would already be a millionare. Time to get to work.

The dilema though is this: Do you tell the restaurant of their crass mistake? a) Someone could have already tipped them off and the waiter may be horribly tired of hearing about the “fecal on the menu.” b) The waiter’s command of English is minimal. (I am not knocking him for this, and his English is far superior to my Japanese; it is just a fact in his case.) Trying to explain to him that a word he thinks means “crab” is actually light slang for “poo” may cause an international incident. c) Who am I to ruin the fun of observant, future patrons.

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