Kelly Slater at US Open Round of 96

There was a lull right at the beginning of the heat.  Each surfer had one waves and there there was a good 5-10 minutes of waiting.  It was starting to look like the biggest second wave was going to take the heat.  But then the swell rolled in and Kelly Slater exploded with a 9.3.  From there on out it was just a scramble for second and Slater started playing with the waves and having fun.

What was most amazing though was the crazed frenzy that happened when Slater tried to get out of the water.  Ladies of all ages flooded the shorebreak causing the 9 time champ to head back into the water and wait for security to come and escort him out.  Poor, poor dude.  I heard one old bitty say, “I just want to touch him.”  It was madness!

Also note that Kelly Slater is riding a quad fin board here…not unlike my Harbour Electric!

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