Huntington Pier, You Should Have Been There Yesterday

I tried to recreate all the magical conditions of yesterdays glorlious surf session, with one change (my board).  I rode my bike down to the north side of the Huntingon Pier at the same time, but alas…I should have been there yesterday.  (Actually I was, read all about it.)  This time though had brought my Harbour Spherical Revolver (or Saffy, as my wife calls it).  I was ready to slay the dragons of yesterday, but they were not there.  The tide was bizarrly low.  (I should have checked the reports and timed my session with the tide better – let that be a lesson to you, dear readers.)  The water was much more choppy and the waves much more sectiony today.  Still on the bigger set waves the drop-ins were good times and the Revolver took the take off like a champ.

The highlight of the day came when I’d left the water by Zack’s.  The Revolver was on the ground and I was unlocking my bike when this old-timer came over and started asking me about Saffy.  He was in love with her.  He was holding it and sliding his hands up and down muttering things about “Nat Young” and the “good ol’ days of surfing.”  He handed the board back and said, “I’ve been surfing for 49 years.  That is the sweetest board I have ever seen.”  Thanks, dude.  I think she’s pretty awesome too.

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