Awesome, Awesome Morning at the Port

We had a good morning run today with a nice sized tuesday crew: CW, Mike, Peter, Chrissy and me.  The waves were clean and mostly waist to chest with bigger sets coming through.  There were plenty of overhead waves this am.  The bigger waves were walled to closed out, but we were finding all sorts of sections and corners to ride.  I was slightly nervous out there because I was on my longboard and I was worried it was the wrong board for the occasion, but I have to say it was awesome out there on the log today.  Kruisechev is a wave getting machine, and it was cruising out there this morning!  The wave had some force today producing fast long rides.  We saw some dudes getting barreled and other dudes just straight up shredding. Also, it wasn’t too crowded today which was an added bonus. Very fun session, heres some pics:

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