AdSanity Testing

3 January 2019

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Pixel Jar


Theme Song To

5 June 2003

“Theme to Clamhead” by Lichterloh Beware – this is not for the faint of heart…or hearing. This project is starting to move into the “nothing is going right!” phase, so I thought is best to make a least a lo-fi version of it so my buddies can finally hear it. Now instead of “I want to hear it”-like anxious requests, this topic will skillfully be avoided as they will be embarrased to bring up said sad topic; much in the same way that an unfunny joke can make a dialogue drastically uncomfortable. The most amazing thing about this ditty (and…

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Rcommies as Smurfs

3 June 2003

The Band of Jackals went to Disneyland on a field trip some days ago. (I nealy didn’t get to go because I forgot to get my wife to sign my permission slip!) Operating under mob mentality it was decided that we go on “It’s a Small World”. (We did have small childrend in tow, so it was a reasonable choice.) I had been on “It’s not a Fun Ride” only days before and as it is not my favorite I decided to pass on the daunting adventure. However, I though it would be a good idea to get a picture…

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Dismal Design

2 June 2003

So I’d made another attempt at beautifying my site again. I know I am my own worst critic but this is getting rediculous. Not only am I not please with anything I’ve tried, I am downright disgusted with it all. I am currently waiting for inspiration.

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Death to Small

1 June 2003

Yesterday a buddycolleague and I had to take a business trip out to the Californian desert. Neither of us had eaten breakfast (foolish, I know). By the time the meeting was over and we were on the way home track, primal eating instincts were taking over and obtaining consumables became our primary objective. Along that stretch of Interstate there is precious little in the way of food and precious little of that precious little is non-fast food. I refuse to eat at Carl’s Jr. (on two bases: 1. Their adverts are unbearable what with the computerized dripping and the voice-over…

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"Look away, Jerry. I'm hideous!"

28 May 2003

Please pay no mind to the graphics of this site. I assure you they are not permanent. That is step 3. I am still on step 2. Fear not, less repulsive graphics are on the way. (I make no claim that they will be any good. Primarily I am a programmer not a graphic designer. (This is the digital equivalent of “I’m a lover not a fighter.”)) I only promise that they will be different.

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Beggars CAN Be Choosers

27 May 2003

One of my wife’s friends was nice enough to donate a couch set to us. Hilarity ensues. Brief Lordleiter Couch History: My wife and I moved in together in the summer of 2000. With that move we inherited a nice couch and love seat (with reclining option) with two bearable flaws. 1) The fabrics were starting to show some serious wear. They were not thinning, but rather starting to look soiled as it was a light fabric and a family of five (three of which were growing teenage boys) had been using it for years. To be expected. 2) The…

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Lunar Eclipse Madness

27 May 2003

On the night of May 15 there was a lunar eclipse. (Quick explination for The Confused: the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow.) Having just purchase my new Sony digital cameron for my trip to Birmingham, I figured it was high time for some rogue digital astrophotography. My set up was dynamite; I was so techo-savvy. Essentially, I was holding the camera over the eyepiece and wiggling it around until I had my target in the viewfinder. I managed to capture a few decent images. (The one shown here is from the second half where the moon was moving back…

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27 May 2003

So it’s only been a half a year since I purchased this domain. I am finally putting some effort into making it usable. It is day 2 of the building process and I am not happy with any of it. This has been my biggest fear about the site. No matter. I can always change it in another six months. Just for the reader’s info, if the background image is still the hidious gradient from mint to gray, then I have yet to change the look of the site.

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More Mach II

26 May 2003

So the content is starting to come together. Despite it’s shoddy facade, I am warming up to it. Now I need only fill in lots of content so there is some bulk to this monster. Now the next challenge is going to be “what to put on the home page.” I do not want to load it up with recent journal entries, but I will wager that is what I will end up doing for the time being.

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