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30 October 2018


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Patio Picture Story

14 July 2003
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Jupiter BAM!

2 July 2003

Finally a clear night with which to ponder the cosmos. It seems on the last night of June, the perpetual June Gloom decided to come to a close for the time being, thus ushering in July. (As far as I know, July has no mood that is commonly associated with it, hence I knew not what to due with my beard. Off it went in stages over the day, much to my wife’s chagrin.) With much glee and veritable delight, I set up my telescope in my mid-renovated patio (pictures to come soon) and aimed my sights at Jupiter. On…

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More of Life's Little Moments

26 June 2003

Yesterday was my wife’s, Miranda Kopfschmertzen’s, and my second wedding anniversary. Kudos to us, we have not become another statistic. Anyway the wierd thing that happened to me was this. I was driving over to Jack in the Box to get myself some deadly lunch (where I learned that Jumbo Jacks are no longer 99

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Literary Lemmings

24 June 2003

My advance-ordered “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” arrived on Saturday and so like the rest of America, England and worlds beyond, I am in the throws of it 800+ pages. Not to worry if you have not yet picked up your copy or are just beginning the book. I have no intention of giving away any of the plot points or ruining anything for you here. But let me just say this, I know Harry is now in his hormone enriched, pubecent phase of life (he is now 15), but he needs to knock off all that…

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Moted Modem

21 June 2003

This may truely be the worst thing ever. My Internet connection from home ist kaput. This is true for two days now. My whole world is crashing around me. In my dispare, I had to turn to regular old television for entertainment. I watch little television and what I tried to watch last night were two episodes of “The Office” I had already seen. This further crushed my tattered spirit. I ended up watching the comprimised Pan-and-Scan version of Attack of the Clones on HBO. One thing remains certain – Yoda is my idol. Anyway, I called my Internet provided…

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Chiropractic Conundrum

17 June 2003

The picture here has nothing to do with the following story lest it perhaps underscores the situation as a whole. It was just one of those odd little moments life likes to show off now and again. In this particular case, the advertisement bag holding the Sunday Times and the Times itself were in cahoots in an atempt to be naughty, and naughty they were. For shame, Sunday Times. Two weekends ago while my wife, Miranda Kopfschmertzen, was suffering from her muscle flu, we decided to bring in some tasty food for dinner. I am always in favor of local…

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Rekindling International Goodwill or Patching Up Bush's Folly

12 June 2003
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June Gloom, Telescope Doom

10 June 2003

This June Gloom is seriously stifling my Astronomy evenings. I haven’t been able to look at anything since the Lunar Eclipse. The perma-overcast is also encroaching on my demeanor. I am in a constant state of being bummed out. Rumsfeld has raised my bummed out alert from yellow to orange based on some vague intellegence he may or may not have. So long has this gloom persisted that I am starting to grow my depression beard. Said beard’s purposes are two fold. First fold: I tend to only let it grow when “down”. Second fold: The beard itself is quite…

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Theme Song To Clamhead.com

5 June 2003

“Theme to Clamhead” by Lichterloh Beware – this is not for the faint of heart…or hearing. This project is starting to move into the “nothing is going right!” phase, so I thought is best to make a least a lo-fi version of it so my buddies can finally hear it. Now instead of “I want to hear it”-like anxious requests, this topic will skillfully be avoided as they will be embarrased to bring up said sad topic; much in the same way that an unfunny joke can make a dialogue drastically uncomfortable. The most amazing thing about this ditty (and…

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